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Creating a bright future for Nicaraguan Youth

The Nicavangelitos Day-Camp is offered to impoverished kids and teenagers from Barrio Loco in Managua, Nicaragua. These youth are invited to attend 2 annual 6 week long Day-Camps at The Nicavangelists’ compound from the end of May until early July and from late November until early January. They are given nutritious meals, have small group discussions, participate in Tricking & Breakdance classes, plus play fun games.

At the end of each camp the Nicavangelitos go on “outreach” in Nicaragua, sharing their hope, culture and talents. On the final day of outreach, The Nicavangelitos invite their family, friends and all of Barrio Loco to watch them perform The Nicavangelists’ latest street theatre production.

Who are the leaders of The Nicavangelitos? The Nicavangelists’ national leadership team are the leaders of the Nicavangelitos Day-Camp troupe. Young Nicaraguan men lead younger Nicaraguan men, helping them to find purpose for their lives, a brighter future, and talents they never knew they possessed!

The conditions for entry into the group are parental permission, school enrollment, adherence to The Nicavangelists’ strict rules and standards of conduct, and a heart wanting to learn and grow.

Thank you for your interest in The Nicavangelitos Day-Camp Program and for believing in the hearts and lives of young Nicaraguans!!!