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Creating a bright future for Nicaraguan Youth

The Nicavangelists’ very first troupe member was a young man by the name of Aben, who was joined not too much later by one of his best friends, Beycker. Both of these fellas have travelled abroad with The Nicavangelists but have committed to spending the next few years developing Nica talent in the Nicavangelists’ home turf, Managua. Hence, the Nica Kids Street Tricking School was born!

Both Beycker and Aben understand what it’s like to be a street kid. Each are fatherless and have had to fight for survival in their shanty world. Now they’ve progressed with their Tricking skills to a professional level, winning in Nicaragua’s premier Tricking event, “Truco Caos Maestro Reunión.” (Stunt Master Chaos Gathering). Tricking is an art form that has evolved over the centuries from African slaves, and incorporates both gymnastics and martial arts, as well as other movement genres.

Beycker and Aben have now directed and taught in the Nica Kids Street Tricking School for several years. They are committed to the dozens of youths who come along for classes and “open floor” each day. The kids and teenagers who attend the Nica Kids Street Tricking School are youths from the streets of Managua. Caught up in a cycle of poverty, and with all the challenges and disappointments that come with their lives, the school is an outlet to experience joy, friendship, physical activity, the development of talents, nourishment and more.

Your monthly contribution will help us in paying for:

  • gym equipment (trampolines, mats, etc)
  • rent of our facility
  • wages for staff
  • food for hungry tummies
  • shoes for our athletes, and more.

The classes and activities provided are free for the youth from Nicaragua’s barrios. The motivation is pure and simple - to assist Nicaraguan youths in their quest to realise a bright future.

You can partner with The Nica Kids Street Tricking School to build a bright future by supporting participation in this program. Your monthly support will provide:

  1. food
  • shoes
  • equipment
  • wages

To partner on a monthly basis, please select an option below and then click on the “Sponsor The Nicavangelists” button. You can pay via PayPal or a major credit card.

Option 1 - $10: provides food & shoes

Option 2 - $15: provides food, shoes & equipment

Option 3 - $20: provides food, shoes, equipment & rent

Option 4 - $25: provides, food, shoes, equipment, rent & wages

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