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Capital on the Edge +

Creating a bright future for Nicaraguan & Ugandan Youth

Nicaraguan & Ugandan youth... 

living in poverty, forced into prostitution, fighting for survival in gangs... 

the fatherless, the orphaned, the rejected and abused...

each one is special & possesses potential for greatness.

Capital on the Edge & The Nicavangelists are currently experiencing a whirlwind of change brought on by the pandemic, an incredible time in Mexico, a trip to Uganda, new love for our neighbours, and so much more... our hearts are changed, and we're currently in the process of making some massive adjustments because of that change... we have a new director, a new name and a new vision... (Watch this space)

Our Nicaraguan talent-development program is expanding to Uganda (And we have our sights set on a couple of countries in the Asia/Pacific region), where we have a partnership with an orphanage and a group of at-risk kids in the Jinja slums.  We continue to utilise a holistic approach, assisting youth in their life’s journey, encouraging them to grow physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Through our talent-development-program, we support enrolled participants with food, housing, clothing, an education and the chance to develop skills in performance arts such as folkdance, tricking, breakdance, acting, singing, and more. We seek to create a bright future for these incredibly gifted youths by giving them opportunities to share their hope, talents and culture with the world.

Those who excel in the talent-development program are given the chance to leave their homes and tour abroad, performing:

 1. A national folk dance production, infused with tricking and breakdance. Tricking is an art form that has evolved over the centuries from African slaves, and incorporates gymnastics, martial arts, and other movement genres. The production is completely choreographed by troupe members, and national performance professionals;

2. A street theatre production, which changes annually, and concentrates on both current and historical cultural and national conditions. The core component of the production is always indigenous folk dance, and includes tricking, breakdance, Latin ballroom-styled dance genres, modern dance, drama and song.

To-date, our troupe has travelled to and performed in all of Central America, Mexico, Europe and the USA. We've been featured on BRUT Americas, The LA Times, Fox News, ABC7, MSNBC, CBS, Telemundo, Univision and hundreds of other news stations and newspapers.

Our youngsters are being trained to be proponents for change in countries desperately in need. Our youths learn to be mentors to new troupe members, working together to realise success.

Thank you for believing in the hearts and lives of young Nicaraguans and Ugandans!